Sámám - the NGO

The NGO wing of Sámám is dedicated to providing cultural education to children from less privileged backgrounds, with a view to enabling them, in time, to earn a living as performing dancers and teachers. We aim to educate them in the field of performing arts, thereby giving them a means of livelihood, and providing a platform whereby they can showcase their art.

This small initiative from Sámám is aimed at empowering them to obtain stability and open new avenues for them. Sámám takes its social responsibility very seriously, and is proud of the small part it plays in changing their lives for the better.
Along with their cultural education, we also hope to be able to take care of their basic needs and education.

This is a cause very dear to our hearts, a cause that we are sincerely working towards. Although our enthusiasm for this project is unlimited, we are hampered by a severe lack of funds. At present, we have no financial backing from any government, corporate or private agencies. We would gratefully welcome any support extended to us. Any donations from our patrons will go towards supporting this cause.

Learning is an endless process, and Art helps one to experience the joy in life.

We would like to share this joy with those less fortunate as part of our contribution to society. All shows conducted by Sámám are fund-raiser events to raise finances to support this community project. Any contribution will help us achieve our goal. All contributions are exempt from tax.

We seek your support & blessings for our school and our cause.


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