Murari Sharan Gupta

Murari Sharan Gupta, the Managing Trustee of Sámám, is a devoted disciple of the renowned Pt. Birju Maharaj and an acclaimed artiste in his own right. He began his journey in dance very early in life, and is today a brilliant performer, creative choreographer and dedicated teacher.

As a young child, Murari was inspired by his elder brother, Raghaw Sah, an accomplished Kathak artiste, who initiated Murari into the Kathak tradition. After receiving basic training, Murari came under the tutelage of the legendary Pt. Birju Maharaj. For the past two decades, Murari has been learning, performing and perfecting his art.

He has performed at renowned dance festivals of India and has a steady repertoire of performances of various dance ballets and solo dance recitals both in India and abroad. Sri Murari is a versatile artiste: while being thoroughly grounded in Kathak, he is also adept in the folk dances of India, Kalaripayattu & contemporary dance. He is also an accomplished tabla and pakhawaj player.

His objective is to promote various facets of dance among enthusiasts and students. Pursuing his dream of perpetuating the rich cultural heritage of India, he established Sámám in 2006.

Starting with just four students, Murari is now established as one of the leading Kathak gurus in Bangalore. Sámám is blessed with enthusiastic students, supportive families & well-wishers and a team of talented and committed teachers.

His work with underprivileged children gives Murari immense joy and satisfaction. Determined to fulfill his social responsibility, he established the NGO wing of Sámám which helps enable the cultural education of underprivileged children.

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