Performing Arts at Sámám

Sámám is a school which took birth with the blessings of the legendary kathak maestro, Pt. Birju Maharaj. He is the revered guru of Sri Murari Sharan Gupta, the founder and Managing Trustee of Sámám. The scion of seven generations of Kathak artistes, Pt. Birju Maharaj is the leading exponent of Kathak today.

‘Sámám’ translates to ‘complete’; at Sámám, we strive to ensure a systematic and holistic grooming of the student into a comprehensive Kathak artiste. Sámám is dedicated to the propagation of Kathak in all its sublime beauty. We hope to help establish a wider understanding and enjoyment of this classical dance form in India & abroad.


The name Kathak is derived from the word “Katha” or ‘story’. Kathak comprises elements of story-telling, rhythmic play, devotional gesture and pure dance technique. Kathak is unique among the classical dances of India for its natural, non-stylized gestures and upright posture. It is famous for its elaborate rhythmic footwork, lyrical lines, fast pirouettes, numerous ankle bells, and flowing costumes. Noted for its improvisations, fluidity, subtlety and grace, this classical dance form from North India is a delightful part of our rich cultural heritage.


The Tabla is a beloved classical musical instrument of India with a rich cultural history. It is an intrinsic part of North Indian classical music, popular film music as well as folk music. This percussion instrument enjoys a strong current popularity due to its adaptability to various musical forms. Learning the tabla helps develop concentration and instils focus and diligence in the student.


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